2015r1: The Most Production-ready Release of RealOpInsight Ultimate is Out !

June 07th, 2015. After more than 6 months of hard coding, bug fixes and enhancements, the RealOpInsight Team is extremely happy to announce the immediate availability of its new major release of RealOpInsight Ultimate – Our flagship enterprise-grade business service monitoring software that helps in effectively monitoring of modern IT environments.

RealOpInsight Ultimate 2015r1, codenamed Hawkeye, brings a lot of tunings and refining providing a better visualization as well as new deployment distributions targeting large and cloud-based operations environments. In particular, users operating in Network Operations Centers (NOC), operations rooms, and operations managers wanting simple and accurate reporting dashboards will find in this release a system that will make their life easy than ever.

Among others, significant changes include the following features and bug fixes:

  • Added, thanks to the introduction of three dashboard display modes, the ability for each operator user to choose which dashboard components to display. Available display modes include:
    • Complete Dashboard (Tiles + Report Graphs + Event Feeds)
    • No Report Dashboard (Tiles + Event Feeds)
    • Tile-only Dashboard (display tiles only)
  • Added the ability for each operator user to set the number of tiles per row he/she wants to have on his/her dashboard.
  • Lot of refining in report graphs: now uses chord (half piechart) based representation instead of bar previously, for representing SLA graphs. This aims to gain in space, which then allows us to increase the size of the space dedicated for graphs showing IT problems trends. This results to a better, easy-to-read visualization of report graphs.
  • Increase the font size of Tiles texts to improve the visualization on NOC and on office screen.
  • Updated the default size of file upload to 4MB, meaning that you can now upload description files having up to 4MB. IMPORTANT: use large description files with caution, since this probably means you simply gather all your IT services under a bundle business service.
  • Introduced Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS 64 bits as new official operating system. This operating system will be supported in conjunction with Ubuntu Server 13.10 64 bits (the current official operating system) until the end of 2015 when Ubuntu Server 13.10 will be deprecated.
  • New release distributions: OVA images are now provided for Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS 64 bits and Ubuntu Server 13.10 64 bits and, more importantly, we also now provide binary and Docker distributions both based on Ubuntu Server 14.04. While the binary distribution provides a simple way to install RealOpInsight Ultimate on any operating systems having the same foundation as Ubuntu Server LTS 64 bits, the Docker distribution provides a convenient and effective mean for deploying RealOpInsight Ultimate on cloud environments.


RealOpInsight Team