RealOpInsight Workstation 3.2.0 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b8 is Out !

December 16th, 2014. The RealOpInsight Team is extremely happy to announce the immediate availability of RealOpInsight Workstation 3.2.0 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b8. Codenamed ibericus, these major releases come with the support for Pandora FMS monitoring backends, email notifications, bug fixes, as well as many GUI enhancements.

You will find below a detailed list of changes.

Core Framework

  • Added support for Pandora FMS monitoring backends. Based on Pandora FMS’s API, any versions of Pandora FMS starting from version 4.0.2 should be fully compatible. Older versions may not work if your Pandora FMS is protected by a password, as the name of the password parameter has been changed since then.
  • Fix: Now sets the default propagation severity to Unknown in order to fix some inconsistencies in status propagation.
  • Several fixes to simplify code and improve performances

RealOpInsight Workstation 3.2.0

  • Included all changes of the core framework and various enhancements.

RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b8

  • Included all changes of the core framework.
  • Added email notification support, enabling the ability to send an email to users when a business service goes from a normal state to a problem state (i.e. in a non-normal state), and, reciprocally, when the service recovers from a failure state.
  • Lot of enhancements in the GUI: a better/refined Executive View giving to operators a better insight on the health of monitored business services, better thumbnails providing more details concerning the status and the health of IT services associated to each monitored business service, better navigation, etc.
  • Added a filtering capability to allow the user to display only trouble events in message console (ticket #42).
  • Fixed problem of disconnection when, as admin, the user tries to refresh the the console in preview mode (ticket #56).


Enjoy !

The RealOpInsight Team

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