RealOpInsight Workstation 3.1.1 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b7 released !

October 19th, 2014. We are extremely happy to announce that RealOpInsight Workstation 3.1.1 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b7 are now available for download. The core framework and the workstation edition bring maintenance bug fixes, while the Ultimate edition comes with interesting new features focusing on reporting and the improvement of view map. The most important changes are summarized below.

Core Framework

  • Fixed problem when the average calculation rule with thresholds always returns average severity.
  • Misc typos related to contextual messages.

RealOpInsight Workstation 3.1.1

  • Added the ability to compile RealOpInsight Workstation without the support of ZMQ and QtWebkit. This aims to provide a minimal software that can work on Linux distributions, such as RedHat and CentOS, whose certain versions do not natively provide packages for the aforementioned tools.

RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b7

  • Added the ability to handle reporting. This feature provides BI (business intelligence) graphs which give over time trends on Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) concerning the health of monitored business services along with the related IT services. In addition, report data can even be exported in CSV format so to be treated by third-party tools like Microsoft Excel and other CSV-compatible tools.¬†More details.
  • To improve the visibility of texts on view map, texts are now printed in blakc and each node on the map now has a background color reflecting the status of the related service. This change is related to the ticket #49 on our Github bug tracker.
  • Fixed ticket #50 when many usefulness database messages where logged.


These releases benefited from a collaboration from Vivalto Santé, we wish to thanks Antonio Corrado for his commitment and continuous feedback during the development stage.



RealOpInsight Team