RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b3 is Out !

August 10th, 2014. As announced a week ago, we’re proud, after several months of enhancements, bug fixes, and tests, to announce RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b3. This new release of our flagship software in managing dashboards in business-centric, distributed and heterogeneous IT monitoring environments, comes with significant changes compared against the latest beta:

  • Added support to LDAP users in authentication, user management, and view access control.  This feature, highly demanded by users, is a real breakthrough enhancement for the integration of RealOpInsight Ultimate within existing IT environments. Designed in the same spirit as the overall RealOpInsight system, the support to LDAP is designed to be flexible while making its use as straightforward as possible.
  • Integration of recent changes in the core framework, this includes changes in v3.0.1v3.0.2v3.0.3 and other misc fixes.
  • Changed the version scheme of RealOpInsight Ultimate. Instead of following the Workstation edition versioning scheme as the last two beta (3.0.0b1 and 3.0.0b2), the version scheme now depends on the release year. That’s why this version is noted 2014b3. 
  • Downloads are available either as OVA appliance or as update patch (applicable for appliances v3.0.0b2 and v3.0.0b2). With the update patch, users are not required to download and reinstall the whole appliance stack, just download and apply the patch.

Other details are available in the release notes. We hope that users will really enjoy this release.



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