Announcing RealOpInsight Workstation 3.0.3 and more

August 3rd, 2014. We, at RealOpInsight Labs, are very happy to announce new releases of RealOpInsight Workstation, one of our flagship products for managing dashboards in business-centric operations environments. Details about changes are described below.

Before that, we would like to mention that all this work would not have been be possible without the commitment of our users. We thank you all for your bug report, comments and feedback.

Notable changes of this release include:

  • Fixed ticket #31 adding the ability from the editor to import data points from networked Livestatus endpoints. This feature complements the existing capabilities to import data points from Zabbix, Zenoss and from Nagios status file.
  • Rewrite in the Livestatus backend using native socket for simplification and performance improvements.
  • Fixed ticket #35 related to date display with Livestatus backend.
  • Fixed ticket #35 related to dashboard refreshing in RealOpInsight Workstation.
  • Fix ticket #36 related to the computation of average severity. Graph-based traversal algorithms were introduced to improve the performance as well as the accuracy of severities computation.

New RealOpInsight Ultimate Release in the Corner

Following these changes and other recent changes in the RealOpInsight core framework, we’re also working on a new version of RealOpInsight Ultimate that’ll be available to download in the next few days. This release, expected since a while by users, will include a highly-demanded feature: the support to LDAP authentication. Designed in the same spirit as the overall RealOpInsight system, the support to LDAP is designed to be flexible while making its use as straightforward as possible. We hope that RealOpInsight Ultimate users will really enjoy it.  


Enjoy !

The RealOpInsight Team.

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