The 1st beta version of RealOpInsight 3.0.0 is out !

April 07th, 2014. The RealOpInsight Team is pleased to announce the beta releases of RealOpInsight 3.0.0. This release brings notable exciting changes including:

  • The introduction of a web-edition of RealOpInsight. Named RealOpInsight Ultimate, this edition targets servers environments. With focus on federating management and access control, it enables administrators and operations managers to have full control on monitoring data.
  • The standard edition of RealOpInsight is now named RealOpInsight Workstation. It targets desktop environments, givent full control to end-users to create and manage its monitoring views.
  • Huge refactoring and code simplification
  • Port to Qt 5.x
  • Livestatus is now the default mode selected for retrieving monitoring data when setting Nagios-based sources. The use of ngrt4nd needs to be explicitly enabled.
  • Fixed ticket #25 enabling the ability to cancel the basic authentication for Nagios
  • Fixed close action on preference window (ticket #24)
  • Moved piechart from the map to lelf side
  • Improved charting rendering: cleanup and new algorithms
  • Change default operations console size to 1024 x 768

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