RealOpInsight Labs: our new brand name

Dear users,

As you may have seen via our twitter account and our website, we are excited to announce that our project is now named RealOpInsight Labs.

Ok, why this change?

First, NGRT4N Project was historically related to NGRT4N — the former name of RealOpInsight. For our community, this appeared difficult to quickly link the project with the software. Moreover, as what motivated the change of the software name from NGRT4N to RealOpInsight, the acronym NGRT4N seemed difficult to memorize.

So, what’ll changes? For us, a better visibility for our project and for you, nothing major. Just that if you were using the former name to refer to the project somewhere, please consider to update this information.

Looking forward for other cool things we reserve to you this year.

On behalf of RealOpInsight Labs.

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