Move to Unified Monitoring with Business Focus

While monitoring was becoming a requirement of IT infrastructures, the last two decades has been marked by the emerging of a huge ecosystem of monitoring tools (both proprietary and open source). A recent study from Forrester Research for Zenoss company shows that a lot of companies use many monitoring tools simultaneously.  And since each tool is siloed and can’t cooperate with others, this leads to a major impediment to productivity.

A good solution to this problem requires converging tools allowing (i)to make the different tools cooperating, while (ii)providing unified dashboards that will enable IT staff to have an end-to-end view on the healthy of infrastructures.

Visionnaries, we at NGRT4N Project are ahead concerning these problematics. RealOpInsight is today the only real solution designed to focus on business services instead of wasting time on false/irrelevant alterts. And that’s not all. We are taking another step ahead with the version 2.4 of the software.  This release will enable dashboards able to gather information from multiple homogeneous or heterogeneous monitoring systems simultaneously. See the architecture on figure below. Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss, Shinken, Centreon and GroundWork are few of the supported systems. Each dashboard can deal with up to 10 sources in parallel.

Stay tuned, here we are already working on the future of IT management!

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