Call for Translations for RealOpInsight 2.3.0

As RealOpInsight 2.3.0 comes closer (scheduled for the beginning of April), we would like to invite you to contribute for translating the software in your favorite language. Without being limited to, we hope to cover the following languages:

  • English : OK
  • French : OK
  • German: TODO
  • Portuguese: TODO
  • Italian: TODO
  • Spanish: TODO
  • Polish: TODO

If your favorite language is missing in the list, you can write us to request for the translation.

Translating is straightforward thanks to Qt Linguist, a friendly and intuitive GUI tool.

So are you interested in translating RealOpInsight in a your favorite language ?

  • Click here┬áto request for a translation. Make sure you indicate the language.
  • Then we’ll send back an email with the translation file and other useful information for the translation. Each translation file is comprised of about 180 entries, with one or more words per entry.
  • After you have finished translating the entries, send us back the translated file.
  • After verification, the translations will be included in the software.
  • Deadline for translations is 7th of Avril 21:59am GMT.

To promote your collaboration, the names of contributors will be listed in our web site and in the THANKS file of RealOpInsight.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration!

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