2012: Year in review

Hello and Happy New Year,

First, we would like to thank all the people over the world who support us, whether by seeding feedback, by reporting bugs, or by donating.

2012 was a fruitful year for our project. After we decided in May to host our software in SourceForge, we recorded more than 1800 downloads from more than 87 countries. Considering this very increasing interest around the project, we decided to extend NGRT4N Monitoring Dashboard Suite to support not only Nagios and the derived systems, but also other popular open source monitoring tools. Hence, one of the major improvements in the software was to add the support of Zabbix.
Beside, the growth of the Project put upon us a high responsibility concerning the features and the quality of the software. Therefore we carried out many optimizations and enhancements in various aspects of the software, notably on the GUI and on internal data structures and algorithms.

Notification SystemFor 2013, many improvements are also expected. By the beginning of the next month, we’ll release a new version of RealOpInsight (version 2.2.0) that will support Zenoss in addition to other relevant new features. For example, the application will now enable System Tray Notifications (see the screenshot) to let you stay informed — even when the Operations Console Window is inactive.

But that is only a starting point. We intend to continue to build software that will contribute to make open source monitoring more effective and easier than ever. And for that, your support is very important. It’s always a pleasure to us to welcome new contributors.
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The NGRT4N Team

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