We're pleased to announce oneInsight, a visualization addon for OpenNebula that allows users to have at-a-glance, an insight of the load of managed hosts. It provides various kinds of load mappings, that currently include the following metrics:

  • CPU used by OpenNebula-managed virtual machines;
  • Memory used by managed virtual machines;
  • Effective CPU used by all system processes, including processes outside of managed virtual machines;
  • Effective memory used by all system processes.

Here is a screenshot showing an overview of CPU used.



oneInsight enables many benefits, as well for cloud operators than for business managers:

  • Provides a simple and comprehensible load charting that allows you to have at-a-glance an accurate insight on how servers are loaded, so to let you plan migrations and capacity upgrading if necessary;
  • Provides, via tooltip and popup, details about each server in zero or one click;
  • High class visualization that saves you from command line output;
  • Lightweight HTML/Javascript stack that can be deployed on any server within your IT infrastructure, just need a valid OpenNebula user account and a network access to OpenNebula server.

About the Contribution

oneInsight is hosted like add-on by OpenNebula project, read the announcement in the OpenNebula blog.

oneInsight is a new project, and there is a lot of things concerning data visualization in OpenNebula. Contributors are welcome, we apply the Github Pull Request model for contributions in code and documentation. 

On behalf of RealOpInsight Labs,

Rodrigue Chakode

Dear users,

As you may have seen via our twitter account and our website, we are excited to announce that our project is now named RealOpInsight Labs.

Ok, why this change?

First, NGRT4N Project was historically related to NGRT4N -- the former name of RealOpInsight. For our community, this appeared difficult to quickly link the project with the software. Moreover, as what motivated the change of the software name from NGRT4N to RealOpInsight, the acronym NGRT4N seemed difficult to memorize.

So, what'll changes? For us, a better visibility for our project and for you, nothing major. Just that if you were using the former name to refer to the project somewhere, please consider to update this information.

Looking forward for other cool things we reserve to you this year.

On behalf of RealOpInsight Labs.

2013 was an amazing year in open source IT monitoring and RealOpInsight. It's time to make a review of the path covered so far, while providing an overview of the roadmap for the next months.

We can't start this review without mentioning our pride to have initiated this software there are more than 3 years now. By its originality and its focus on business, RealOpInsight is being deeply changing the way of monitoring with Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss, Icinga, Shinken, Zenoss, Centreon, Shinken, etc.

After a phase of huge improvements, in 2013, the development of RealOpInsight was marked by the introduction of the supports for Zabbix, Zenoss and Livestatus. This latter significantly improved the performances and the scalability of RealOpInsight with Nagios-based monitoring systems.

There were also a lot of bug fixes, and the introduction of binary packages that cover more than 20 versions of operating systems now. In parallel, the number of downloads, users, and contributors has grew very significantly; we passed from an average of 200 downloads a month, to more than 1000 downloads a month.

2013 was also marked by other important events. First of all, RealOpInsight has been introduced in the Zabbix third party tools page. Additionally, we attended at numerous open source and/or IT monitoring conferences and events: HumanTalks in France, Free Software Meeting in Belgium, and Nagios North America World Conference in USA (Minnesota). That was opportunities to share our experience and get feedbacks from the attendees. The feedbacks are very encouraging and motivating for us and the project.

We'd like to note that this would have been not possible without you, RealOpInsight's users and contributors. So, we want to give a huge THANKS! to all our users, and contributors. A special thanks to Richard Gate, for its great contribution in testing on OS X, and to Haikel Guemar, for its permanent advices

2014 is another year, another year for new challenges. A lot of radical improvements is expected. Of course, we still count on you, RealOpInsight's users and contributors. You're welcome to, at your option, test the software and report bugs, fix bugs, improve the documentation, make a review or blog about the software, donate, or just to send us an encouraging message.

Before ending this blog, we’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you health and success in 2014 !.

On behalf of NGRT4N Project.

We are please to announce the first bug fix release of RealOpInsight v2.4.0. Here is the list of changes :

  • Fixed issue #22 : Operations Console doesn't update the status of triggers with Zabbix API v1.4 (Zabbix 2.0.x, x<5);
  • Fixed close button on change password and preference windows (issue #24);

Enjoy and send feedback.

The NGRT4N Team

We're proud to announce the final release of RealOpInsigt 2.4.0.  

Since the first beta released early in August, many bugs have been fixed and the software is now stable for production. See the release notes for the complete list of changes, or see here for download.

We are please to announce the immediate availability of the second beta of RealOpInsight 2.4.0 (Foederare). This release brings bug fixes and more stabilization for the 1st beta. Here is the complete list of changes:

  • Fixed ticket #16 adding support for realm authentication within the browser;
  • Fixed ticket #17 while the loaded file path is missing in the title of the Operations Console window;
  • Fixed ticket #18 adding the possibility to select the source to load within the browser
  • Added more logos and icons for monitors

As promised, with a few delay, we're proud to announce the immediate availability of the beta version of RealOpInsight 2.4.0. Codenamed Foederare (Federator in Latin), this release targets distributed monitoring environments by bringing - among others new features and enhancements - the possibility to deal with business service views based on homogeneous/heterogeneous distributed monitoring servers. You can have business service views that rely on probes managed by Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss, Icinga, and any other RealOpInsight-compatible monitoring system simultaneously. See the release notes for details about changes. Downloads are available at the same place.  

While monitoring was becoming a requirement of IT infrastructures, the last two decades has been marked by the emerging of a huge ecosystem of monitoring tools (both proprietary and open source). A recent study from Forrester Research for Zenoss company shows that a lot of companies use many monitoring tools simultaneously.  And since each tool is siloed and can't cooperate with others, this leads to a major impediment to productivity. 

A good solution to this problem requires converging tools allowing (i)to make the different tools cooperating, while (ii)providing unified dashboards that will enable IT staff to have an end-to-end view on the healthy of infrastructures.

Visionnaries, we at NGRT4N Project are ahead concerning these problematics. RealOpInsight is today the only real solution designed to focus on business services instead of wasting time on false/irrelevant alterts. And that's not all. We are taking another step ahead with the version 2.4 of the software.  This release will enable dashboards able to gather information from multiple homogeneous or heterogeneous monitoring systems simultaneously. See the architecture on figure below. Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss, Shinken, Centreon and GroundWork are few of the supported systems. Each dashboard can deal with up to 10 sources in parallel.

Stay tuned, here we are already working on the future of IT management!

Hi folks, 

We'll give a talk during the next Free Software Meeting that will take place at Solbosch Campus in Brusells from 05 July 2013.

The talk is scheduled on Wednesday 10 July, 11:00 AM at the Room H 2214. After the talk, It would be a pleasure to meet you to share some coffee while talking open source and/or IT monitoring.

See you in Brussels!

Rodrigue Chakode, the author of RealOpInsight, will talk about the project at HumanTalks in Lyon on Tuesday June 11, 2013 at 19:00. See here (in french) for more details.

The event will take place at this address , come to discuss with us and just to say hello

See you!