2015r1: The Most Production-ready Release of RealOpInsight Ultimate is Out !

June 07th, 2015. After more than 6 months of hard coding, bug fixes and enhancements, the RealOpInsight Team is extremely happy to announce the immediate availability of its new major release of RealOpInsight Ultimate – Our flagship enterprise-grade business service monitoring software that helps in effectively monitoring of modern IT environments.

RealOpInsight Ultimate 2015r1, codenamed Hawkeye, brings a lot of tunings and refining providing a better visualization as well as new deployment distributions targeting large and cloud-based operations environments. In particular, users operating in Network Operations Centers (NOC), operations rooms, and operations managers wanting simple and accurate reporting dashboards will find in this release a system that will make their life easy than ever.

Among others, significant changes include the following features and bug fixes:

  • Added, thanks to the introduction of three dashboard display modes, the ability for each operator user to choose which dashboard components to display. Available display modes include:
    • Complete Dashboard (Tiles + Report Graphs + Event Feeds)
    • No Report Dashboard (Tiles + Event Feeds)
    • Tile-only Dashboard (display tiles only)
  • Added the ability for each operator user to set the number of tiles per row he/she wants to have on his/her dashboard.
  • Lot of refining in report graphs: now uses chord (half piechart) based representation instead of bar previously, for representing SLA graphs. This aims to gain in space, which then allows us to increase the size of the space dedicated for graphs showing IT problems trends. This results to a better, easy-to-read visualization of report graphs.
  • Increase the font size of Tiles texts to improve the visualization on NOC and on office screen.
  • Updated the default size of file upload to 4MB, meaning that you can now upload description files having up to 4MB. IMPORTANT: use large description files with caution, since this probably means you simply gather all your IT services under a bundle business service.
  • Introduced Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS 64 bits as new official operating system. This operating system will be supported in conjunction with Ubuntu Server 13.10 64 bits (the current official operating system) until the end of 2015 when Ubuntu Server 13.10 will be deprecated.
  • New release distributions: OVA images are now provided for Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS 64 bits and Ubuntu Server 13.10 64 bits and, more importantly, we also now provide binary and Docker distributions both based on Ubuntu Server 14.04. While the binary distribution provides a simple way to install RealOpInsight Ultimate on any operating systems having the same foundation as Ubuntu Server LTS 64 bits, the Docker distribution provides a convenient and effective mean for deploying RealOpInsight Ultimate on cloud environments.


RealOpInsight Team

RealOpInsight Workstation 3.2.1 is Out !

December 29th, 2014. The RealOpInsight Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of RealOpInsight Workstation 3.2.1. This minor release brings more interoperability capabilities between RealOpInsight and Nagios, and also RealOpInsight and Zabbix:

  • Added the ability import existing Zabbix IT services configuration via the RealOpInsight Editor. The result of the importation can thus be easily saved as a RealOpInsight description file.
  • Added the ability to import existing Nagios BPI configuration file (bpi.conf) via the RealOpInsight Editor. The result of the importation can hence be easily saved as a RealOpInsight description file.
  • Improbed the generation of the services ids to avoid the duplication of generated ids.


RealOpInsight Workstation 3.2.0 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b8 is Out !

December 16th, 2014. The RealOpInsight Team is extremely happy to announce the immediate availability of RealOpInsight Workstation 3.2.0 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b8. Codenamed ibericus, these major releases come with the support for Pandora FMS monitoring backends, email notifications, bug fixes, as well as many GUI enhancements.

You will find below a detailed list of changes.

Core Framework

  • Added support for Pandora FMS monitoring backends. Based on Pandora FMS’s API, any versions of Pandora FMS starting from version 4.0.2 should be fully compatible. Older versions may not work if your Pandora FMS is protected by a password, as the name of the password parameter has been changed since then.
  • Fix: Now sets the default propagation severity to Unknown in order to fix some inconsistencies in status propagation.
  • Several fixes to simplify code and improve performances

RealOpInsight Workstation 3.2.0

  • Included all changes of the core framework and various enhancements.

RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b8

  • Included all changes of the core framework.
  • Added email notification support, enabling the ability to send an email to users when a business service goes from a normal state to a problem state (i.e. in a non-normal state), and, reciprocally, when the service recovers from a failure state.
  • Lot of enhancements in the GUI: a better/refined Executive View giving to operators a better insight on the health of monitored business services, better thumbnails providing more details concerning the status and the health of IT services associated to each monitored business service, better navigation, etc.
  • Added a filtering capability to allow the user to display only trouble events in message console (ticket #42).
  • Fixed problem of disconnection when, as admin, the user tries to refresh the the console in preview mode (ticket #56).


Enjoy !

The RealOpInsight Team

RealOpInsight Workstation 3.1.1 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b7 released !

October 19th, 2014. We are extremely happy to announce that RealOpInsight Workstation 3.1.1 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b7 are now available for download. The core framework and the workstation edition bring maintenance bug fixes, while the Ultimate edition comes with interesting new features focusing on reporting and the improvement of view map. The most important changes are summarized below.

Core Framework

  • Fixed problem when the average calculation rule with thresholds always returns average severity.
  • Misc typos related to contextual messages.

RealOpInsight Workstation 3.1.1

  • Added the ability to compile RealOpInsight Workstation without the support of ZMQ and QtWebkit. This aims to provide a minimal software that can work on Linux distributions, such as RedHat and CentOS, whose certain versions do not natively provide packages for the aforementioned tools.

RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b7

  • Added the ability to handle reporting. This feature provides BI (business intelligence) graphs which give over time trends on Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) concerning the health of monitored business services along with the related IT services. In addition, report data can even be exported in CSV format so to be treated by third-party tools like Microsoft Excel and other CSV-compatible tools. More details.
  • To improve the visibility of texts on view map, texts are now printed in blakc and each node on the map now has a background color reflecting the status of the related service. This change is related to the ticket #49 on our Github bug tracker.
  • Fixed ticket #50 when many usefulness database messages where logged.


These releases benefited from a collaboration from Vivalto Santé, we wish to thanks Antonio Corrado for his commitment and continuous feedback during the development stage.



RealOpInsight Team

RealOpInsight Workstation 3.1.0 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b5 is Out !

September 23nd, 2014. We are very excited to announce RealOpInsight Workstation version 3.1.0 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b5. Codenamed Diegom, these major releases focus on improving event aggregation and correlation in the core framework with new rules and algorithms to propagate and calculate the severities of services in a more flexible and fined-grained way. Completed details about changes are listed below.

Core Framework

  • Added support weighting services. Weighting enables you to associate a weight factor with a service. The weight factor can be any real number between min=0 and max=10, determining how important the service is to its parent service compared to other sibling services. With this, you can for example deal with situations such as, essential services (i.e. services required for your business services), neutral services (i.e. services without any impact on your business services), etc. Read more.
  • Modified Average Calculation Rule to support weighting. As services now support weigthing, the average calculation rule algorithm has been modified to take into account the weights of direct subservices when calculating the status of a service. Read more.
  • Added Thresholds-based Severity Escalation Rule. Extending the weighted average calculation rule, this adds the ability to escalate the severity status of a service when given thresholds of similar events are reached. For example, you may want to escalate the severity status of service from Major to Critical if more than 50% of its direct subservices are in Major state. Read more.

RealOpInsight Workstation

  • Included all changes carried out on the core framework.
  • Added the ability to set the application language via preference settings.
  • Added the ability to make the compilation of ngrt4nd optional. This removes the requirement on ZeroMQ which is not natively available on some versions of Red Hat-based operating systems (e.g. Red Hat/CentOS 6).
  • Improved tooltips adding new information related to weighting and thresholds.

RealOpInsight Ultimate

  • Included all changes carried out on the core framework.
  • Fixed ticket #47 related to bad validation when adding sources.
  • Improved tooltips adding new information related to weighting and thresholds.

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New Maintenance Releases RealOpInsight Workstation 3.0.5 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b4

August 24th, 2014. The RealOpInsight Team announced the immediate availability of RealOpInsight Workstation 3.0.5 and RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b4. These maintenance releases bring several major bug fixes and enhancement described hereafter:

  • Fixed ticket #41 when chart is not well updated with Livestatus backend
  • Fixed version display in welcome message
  • Use UTF8 as default character encoding system for Livestatus backend
  • Now retrieve data from Livestatus basing JSON format. Fixes problem with line breaks in message details. See ticket #43.


Again, we thank our users for their feedback.

RealOpInsight Workstation 3.0.4 is Out!

August 15th, 2014. The RealOpInsight Team is happy to announce RealOpInsight Workstation 3.0.4, an anticipated release regarding the latest stable release, which brings major changes and bug fixes on the RealOpInsight Editor. This release focuses on providing advanced search and filtering capabilities to ease the way of setting data points for large and middle size monitoring environments.  See the release notes for detailed list of changes. 


RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b3 is Out !

August 10th, 2014. As announced a week ago, we’re proud, after several months of enhancements, bug fixes, and tests, to announce RealOpInsight Ultimate 2014b3. This new release of our flagship software in managing dashboards in business-centric, distributed and heterogeneous IT monitoring environments, comes with significant changes compared against the latest beta:

  • Added support to LDAP users in authentication, user management, and view access control.  This feature, highly demanded by users, is a real breakthrough enhancement for the integration of RealOpInsight Ultimate within existing IT environments. Designed in the same spirit as the overall RealOpInsight system, the support to LDAP is designed to be flexible while making its use as straightforward as possible.
  • Integration of recent changes in the core framework, this includes changes in v3.0.1v3.0.2v3.0.3 and other misc fixes.
  • Changed the version scheme of RealOpInsight Ultimate. Instead of following the Workstation edition versioning scheme as the last two beta (3.0.0b1 and 3.0.0b2), the version scheme now depends on the release year. That’s why this version is noted 2014b3. 
  • Downloads are available either as OVA appliance or as update patch (applicable for appliances v3.0.0b2 and v3.0.0b2). With the update patch, users are not required to download and reinstall the whole appliance stack, just download and apply the patch.

Other details are available in the release notes. We hope that users will really enjoy this release.



Announcing RealOpInsight Workstation 3.0.3 and more

August 3rd, 2014. We, at RealOpInsight Labs, are very happy to announce new releases of RealOpInsight Workstation, one of our flagship products for managing dashboards in business-centric operations environments. Details about changes are described below.

Before that, we would like to mention that all this work would not have been be possible without the commitment of our users. We thank you all for your bug report, comments and feedback.

Notable changes of this release include:

  • Fixed ticket #31 adding the ability from the editor to import data points from networked Livestatus endpoints. This feature complements the existing capabilities to import data points from Zabbix, Zenoss and from Nagios status file.
  • Rewrite in the Livestatus backend using native socket for simplification and performance improvements.
  • Fixed ticket #35 related to date display with Livestatus backend.
  • Fixed ticket #35 related to dashboard refreshing in RealOpInsight Workstation.
  • Fix ticket #36 related to the computation of average severity. Graph-based traversal algorithms were introduced to improve the performance as well as the accuracy of severities computation.

New RealOpInsight Ultimate Release in the Corner

Following these changes and other recent changes in the RealOpInsight core framework, we’re also working on a new version of RealOpInsight Ultimate that’ll be available to download in the next few days. This release, expected since a while by users, will include a highly-demanded feature: the support to LDAP authentication. Designed in the same spirit as the overall RealOpInsight system, the support to LDAP is designed to be flexible while making its use as straightforward as possible. We hope that RealOpInsight Ultimate users will really enjoy it.  


Enjoy !

The RealOpInsight Team.

Migrating RealOpInsight Repositories to Github

As we encourage contributions, we’re pleased to announce that we just started migrating our code repositories to Github. This important decision for our project is intended to facilitate the contribution process, knowing that many developers are now familiar with the Github pull-request contribution model.

You’ll find our repositories through our Github project home: https://github.com/RealOpInsightLabs. All our projects and documentation resources are not yet moved to there, but we’re working on that.

Enjoy, and don’t hesitate to fork, or give a star to your favorite repository !